A sustainable, eco-friendly residence made from Wood, Straw and Cork.

This textured, wonder of architectural genius has been designed and produced by LCA Architetti, the residence combines a simplistic, modern vibe with eco-friendly materials that give it a little, in the words of Thierry Henry ‘Va-va-voom’.

Located about 30 clicks northwest of Milan, in the small town of Magnago sits a unique home, nestled deep within the Italian countryside it has been designed to think a little differently from most. The property designed by LCA Architetti uses a blend of materials that are much better on the environment than those in your average home, its combination of modern design and textile thoughtfulness during the design process has worked wonders for the final product which must make the architectural firm extremely proud.

From a distance this property looks like any other wooden clad, modern home but as we delve deeper one comes to the realisation that the wooden clad isn’t actually a wooden clad at all, it has a deeper texture, a unique pattern and aesthetic that is extremely rare to see. The inventive cladding you are seeing is actually a form of cork clad which is much better on the environment and also works as a type of insulation, thus making the property warmer during cold months and more energy efficient which also keeps money in the residents pocket. One thing that makes this residence aesthetically pleasing on the eye is the way that each side of the building is different, it has a basic shape but then doesn't carry the symmetry throughout, for example some designers would look at the chimney and think that mirroring it on the other side would be the right thing to do so that the property flowed but that is clearly not the way that the guys at LCA Architetti think, they have thought outside the box and stripped the building back with a minimal, focused approach.

“The clients wanted a home in direct contact with nature, a healthy and environmentally-friendly building, where they could enjoy the little things,” — Luca Compri (Founder of LCA Architetti)

The residence is made up of a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable materials that all have the aim of helping rather than hindering the environment. The house wanted to be born from the Earth and have the colours of the Earth, of the cultivated fields that surround it. The entire build process uses sustainable materials such as a locally sourced prefabricated timber structure and straw insulation that was acquired from rice plants discarded by local farmers. The solar panels mounted on the buildings roof reduce the properties energy consumption further and mean that the property can run purely from electricity sourced on site from the suns rays. An air-sourced Heat Pump absorbs air from the outside to heat the home and provide hot water for residents, the invention manages to extract heat from temperatures up to minus fifteen degrees, perfect for the weather conditions throughout Italy. The combination of sustainable materials and off-grid additions means that this property works wonderfully within its surroundings and offers an off-grid experience that will both lower costs for the residents and reduce the impact on the environment around it.

If all modern constructions were to follow this eco-friendly, sustainable route then human existence would begin to reduce its impact on the planet, we would produce a much smaller amount of pollution and offer residents properties that save them money in the long run. Materials such as these cost a larger amount of money in the short term but in the long term could save huge amounts of outgoing costs. Each time an architectural firm or designer comes up with concepts like these they should inspire others around them to think in a similar way as properties such as this one not only look amazing from a distance but have a much deeper meaning to them. Let us produce good design as to make change rather than design that keeps us within the same cycle that the human race has followed for many years, just because it’s easier. We must act now and projects like this one, point us, the human race in the right direction for the future.

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